Booklifier (Book + Amplifier)

Exploring new ways of creating atmosphere and extreme emotions while reading

As I explain in my project write-up: The thought about the ways in which new technologies seem to be changing the experience of reading triggered my work on this project. Television, the Internet, and other such media, have caused many people to spend less time reading.


This is the house I grew up in, Jerusalem. My dad is a professor, and every single wall in our house has a bookshelf against it...


While researching about book-reading habits, I discovered a study from the University of Chicago that reveals that one in two Americans do not read books at all, and those who do devote less than half an hour a day to reading. In response to this concern, there are various products that attempt to encourage reading.

The fast pace of today's modern lifestyle does not leave room for the slowness of reading. Most people today would rather fill up a free hour in front of the TV or the computer. This project examines the possibility of a new dimension, and a slightly different meaning to the experience of reading as we know it.

I examined whether it is possible to create a new and direct relationship between feelings and atmosphere comprised of music and color, in order to intensify a sensation. Later on I applied the conclusion to the experience of reading, in order to create an extreme reaction towards the text. The full research is explained here.

"Booklifier" offers a way to enhance a users feelings while reading. It causes extreme reactions towards the text. For example, picture yourself traveling in the woods (in the book), in a dark forest, and you are frightened. Your feeling of fear would normally be X. The booklifier increases it to be X+5. In this way, your reactions while reading reach an extreme and a new reading experience is created. You really feel like you are "inside" the book.

How does it work? The computer translates the biometric indications and transforms them into an audio visual display. The information is transformed from the reader's body by means of wireless methods to the computer. The receiver inside the product obtains the measurements and produces an audio visual display using amplifiers and Led lights. A battery inside the product radiates energy to the amplifiers and light.