How do you compete with the Apple Store when they have such a huge head start and your first store is called "Retail Technical Advisor" by Techcrunch?


Do some soul-searching about who you are as a company, then use that knowledge to differentiate and innovate.


A large part of the initial work was understanding, internally and with our stakeholders, what made the Microsoft Store different than its competitors and how its first version failed to meet the expectations of the market and its customers.

Our goal was to create experiences that would define the store as a retail environment with a unique identity – a place where customers not only interact with products but are immersed in everything that is innovative and interesting about the company.


The result is a rich, interactive experience that engage customers to increase their loyalty to the brand. What customers get in return are enhanced, personalized experiences within the store, whether they are interested in playing, learning, communicating, just hanging out or actually shopping.

I developed the ideas, and created sketches, presentation boards and the physical and virtual store models that allowed us to engage in a different and unique type of conversation with ourselves and the client.

  • Senior UX + Visual Designer; 2012