Playful, Useful Tableware


It is well known, that people have a need, in several different situations, to play, touch, feel, explore the objects that surround them. We all have nervous habits involving playing with objects at hand: hair twirling, finger tapping, nail biting, pen flicking are common examples.

This set of tableware offers a solution to this need, as it examines a new and fun way of serving and drinking coffee; Most of all, because of the interactive relationship that these objects have with their user.

In order for these items to "respond", one has to act on them. To each familiar object I've added a new function, which is at once fun to play with and has an important role when drinking.


For example, this teapot's shape is inspired by a racing car. It's circular side walls determine the "course": it is to be rolled on the table surface, until it reaches the cup and fills it up. Each time the pot is turned, its inner walls enable to pour exactly one cup of 220cc. Thus, the teapot makes a semi-circular path until it reaches the cup and rests upon it. That is when the water is poured into the cup.


The mechanism of the Sugarfree Dispenser works on the principal of a typical doll's eye (namely, a weight that is forced down by gravitation). When the dispenser stands on the table, it is always closed; but when it is tilted to a dispensing position, the "eye" will open and allow one sugar-free tablet to come out.

SugarfreeDispenser PlayfulTableware