How do you design an internal web portal intended for a group of completely un-savvy employees that have a very tech-savvy manager? On top of that, these employees are unmotivated to try anything new for sharing content amongst each other, when old methods (like sending an email) work.


Because our users are very serious corporate people, we set a goal to create a system that will be playful and fun, in order to engage and motivate them to use it.

Then, we created 2 systems that work entirely different from each other and presented the pros and cons of each to the client. One system was centralized, meaning that only a designated leader can feed the system with information. The other system is de-centralized, meaning that information is entered into the system by whoever is signed up to it.


The client chose to move forward with the centralized model. This means a few nominated curators were responsible for generating content, while the other co-workers passively receive information.

We created this system to work both on the web and mobile, so that Adidas employees can access it wherever they are.

  • Senior UX + Visual Designer; 2012